• Van Liere 2018
    This year, the five graduate students from the Damron and Barbier laboratories presented their work at the Van Liere Research Symposium. Emel Sen-Kilic’s work was featured as an oral […]
  • Pittsburgh Bacterial Pathogenesis 2018
    Emel Sen-Kilic, Dylan Boehm, and Ting Wong showcased the work from the laboratory as oral presentations and posters at the 2018 Pittsburgh Bacterial Pathogenesis Meeting. […]

3 days ago
Highlights on the Damron lab research on whopping cough at WVU:
2 months ago
CF grant awarded!
2 months ago
"Microbiology, Immunology and Cell Biology students awarded top honors at Van Liere Research Conference" Congrats to all our lab members!
3 months ago
Emel Sen-Kiliç showcasing the lab's vaccine work at the 53rd Annual Van Liere Conference. Awesome work!!! #WVUVanLiere mabarbier photo
6 months ago
Dr. F. Heath Damron receives $1.3 million to form a Vaccine Development Center at WVU!
7 months ago
Our first selfie with the best University President when we first joined the WVU Faculty 3 years ago! #WVUDayofGiving mabarbier photo