• Summer 2018 Undergraduate Research
    This summer, Annalisa Huckaby (West Virginia University Undergraduate Student and SURE fellow) and Gage Pyles (West Liberty University undergraduate student and INBRE fellow) worked in the laboratory […]
  • The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation awards the Barbier lab a Research Award
    West Virginia University just published a press release on a new award from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to the Barbier Lab. The funds will be used to develop a multivalent vaccine against the […]
  • Van Liere 2018
    This year, the five graduate students from the Damron and Barbier laboratories presented their work at the Van Liere Research Symposium. Emel Sen-Kilic’s work was featured as an oral […]
  • Pittsburgh Bacterial Pathogenesis 2018
    Emel Sen-Kilic, Dylan Boehm, and Ting Wong showcased the work from the laboratory as oral presentations and posters at the 2018 Pittsburgh Bacterial Pathogenesis Meeting. […]

3 months ago
New publication from the lab on long-term pertussis vaccine protection in mice! Very proud again of all the team is accomplishing every day and of their excellent work 🙂 Congratulations!
1 year ago
So proud of my team! Articles of Significant Interest in This Issue
1 year ago
Exploring new possibilities for vaccine development!
2 years ago
Really proud of what Catherine Blackwood​, Emel Sen Kilic​, and the rest of the team have accomplished on this latest publication from my lab on the effect of whole cell vaccination against two pathogens: Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Bordetella pertussis!!!
2 years ago
My lab is recruiting a postdoctoral fellow to work on a new R01 funded Lyme disease vaccine project!!! Interested? Apply here: